6 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Marketing your Android App

Common Android App Marketing Mistakes

Marketing of Android Apps is indeed a challenging, albeit interesting aspect which could be really enjoyed if the marketer sets his or her mind to it? Further it also demands a great deal of skills, expertise and knowledge about how competitive advertising works in the current scenario. Indeed, as readers could surmise, marketing Android Apps sensibly and avoiding its pitfalls are indeed major aspects that need to be kept in mind always. These six aspects need to be taken special care of, in order to gain the best advantages of successful Android app launches. Continue reading


No More Google Android-iPhone Comparisons

Since the release of the T-Mobile G1 Phone it seems that it has been comparison after comparison of the new first Google Android phone with Apple’s iPhone. I’m not surprised by that at all, I think we have waited so long for the release of the first Android phone that we all couldn’t wait to compare it to the iPhone. Continue reading

6 Effective Tips to Boost Your Android Smartphone Performance

Effective Tips to Boost Android Performance

Whether it is a desktop or mobile, the performance is something that is always affected. Mobile operating systems are faster and lighter so that we can have access to everything. If you want to have most of your android phones here are some tips that you would like to consider. With just few changes and tweaks you will be able to breathe life into your android phones. Continue reading