What are the top free apps for Android?

Would you like to enjoy your Android smart phone or tablet even more? If so, you might explore some of the top Android apps that are available as free downloads from Google Play Store and other app sources. While some games are always popular, you can also find plenty of apps that can improve your ability to manage documents, photos, and much more.

Top Free Apps for Android Devices

Camera 360

Are you getting the most out of your built-in Android photo applications? These can be a little clunky and tough to use, and they really don’t help you take the best pictures, manage them, edit them, and store them. When this happens, your phone or tablet may get filled up with useless junk.

Camera 360 is here to rescue you from bad photo software. You can download it for free, and managing, taking, and editing photos will be a breeze right from your own Android device. Take camera and tablet photos just like a pro!

Office Viewer Suite 7

Having the right document management app on your phone can make it almost like you are taking your office with you everywhere that you need to roam. Office Viewer Suite 7 is the number one document manager in the world.

The makers estimate that it is already installed on 100 million phones in over 200 countries around the globe. Even more, this office suite gets tens of thousands of downloads each day, and maybe you should be one of the people who download it on your own phone!

You can use this app to view almost any type of document that you can think of. This includes .doc, .PDF, .XLS, and much more. The app also supports several common types of cloud storage, so it is pretty easy to move your files onto cloud services like MS Cloud, Google Drive, and more, and then you can access the cloud storage when you are out on the road.

Pinball Fantasy HD

What’s a mobile phone without a couple of good arcade games to help you pass the time when you need to wait in line or ride the bus? Of all the arcade games that have turned into apps, pinball has got to be the most popular and classic one! Pinball Fantasy HD is a pretty addictive example of a fully featured online arcade game.Pinball Fantasy HD

The app comes with a variety of different pinball themes, and these include representation of classic pinball tables, wild contemporary pinball games, and themes that are based around holidays and special events. This game is pretty fun and intuitive to use, and it’s free!

Enjoy Free Apps for Your Android Device

If you haven’t searched for extra phone apps, you are only getting half the benefit of owning a smart phone or tablet device. Even though some apps charge a fee, many are free to use. Just be sure you read the agreement before you download, so you aren’t surprised by hidden charges.


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