No More Google Android-iPhone Comparisons

Since the release of the T-Mobile G1 Phone it seems that it has been comparison after comparison of the new first Google Android phone with Apple’s iPhone. I’m not surprised by that at all, I think we have waited so long for the release of the first Android phone that we all couldn’t wait to compare it to the iPhone.

It’s amazing how much humans love to compare things, if we get a chance we jump at it. I don’t deny though it’s pretty interesting to see how the two devices match up.

In the red corner we have Apple with the trendy iPhone that has taken the mobile market by storm. The iPhone changed the mobile market forever and represents the beginning of a new age of mobile devices.

In the blue corner is Google, the internet giant whose Google Phone has been eagerly anticipated, but who changed the game by creating an open source mobile platform instead.

Stop Comparing

After the first round of initial comparisons we should move on and realize that the G1 Phone is just the first of many on the Android platform. It will be looked back on in a reminiscent way, kind of like how we look back on our first computers. We loved them at the time but now we look back on them and reminisce, but we wouldn’t give up the technology we have now for what we had back then.

Android phones will leap forward with new applications being introduced from small developers as well as large companies such as the payment processing application being developed by Visa. The iPhone took a big leap forward with the 3G version but I don’t see it becoming dramatically different in the near future, being a closed platform won’t pay off long term. Android at the moment does have to catch up with the iPhone but in the long term Android will overtake it.

You also can’t keep comparing a phone, as in a physical product to a mobile platform. Something Apple has to its advantage is that they are selling a phone, Google are selling a platform, and it’s much more difficult to market a platform to people. You could say that it is easier to sell now they have the G1 phone but like I’ve said, there will be much better phones coming soon with more capabilities.


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