Android Mobile is the Future

The internet is becoming mobile and Android will help push this to the next stage. iPhones are great because of the ease of browsing online. Google is betting on Android to get more people online via their mobiles and to do a lot more of their searching on a mobile device.

Unsurprisingly Google already leads the way in terms of mobile searches but their market share is not as large as it is in traditional search. Yahoo has developed some good relationships in mobile search and will not be so far behind Google as it is in non-mobile search.

Future of Android

Websites need to target the mobile searcher starting now. We all know that almost everyone has a mobile phone, the statistics are incredible about the amount of people on the planet that have one. Soon almost everyone will be using that mobile to search the internet, whether it is Android that becomes the dominant platform or not. It’s going to happen.

Small local businesses will need to make use of the mobile internet more than they make use of the traditional desktop internet. With the uptake of mobile search increasing, more searches will be location specific. If someone wants a pizza in New York the first thing they will do is to go to their mobile type in “pizza in New York” into their preferred search engine and have access to the results deemed buy that search engine to be the most relevant.


Small businesses are going to have to be more aware of the internet than they were before. Local search will become key to the success of many small businesses. When you search locally now, you can already see that the search engines are increasing the importance of this location specific search. Local search results take up a big chunk of the first page listings on Google, pushing other listings further down the page.

Websites will need to be mobile friendly, browsing the internet on a mobile device at the moment can be frustrating because of the inability of many websites to properly load on traditional devices such as a Blackberry. A savvy webmaster knows the mobile will be king and will have already taken steps, or is looking into taking steps to making their site mobile friendly.


The iPhone does a great job of allowing users to surf the web almost like a PC and Android will take this further. But it is also about the functionality of a site. Facebook for example is perfect for mobile, very simple to use. If it’s difficult to navigate on a smaller screen, users will be turned off. You can bet the larger companies with big budgets are research their site designs right now to provide a positive user experience when it comes to mobile browsing.

Start looking into the mobile world, especially what Android mobile will bring. There are opportunities out there to get a head start in what will be an extremely important industry in the future. Events such as SMX Local and Mobile 2008 will help foster ideas, whether you have a business that needs to target mobile searchers or you want to learn as much as you can about opportunities in the industry.


Android will continue to develop new applications, new ideas will be born about how mobiles can be used and in the future we will be using our mobiles to do many things we probably wouldn’t even dream about now.


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