360 Security | Best Antivirus App for Android

360 Security is a free app that works like a powerful antivirus app designed specifically to protect and optimize the performance of mobile devices based on Android. It has a rating of 4.5 stars in Google Play and just over 2 million downloads until now.360 Security

360 Security Review:

One of the strongest points of this security app is that it’s very easy to use. When first run, 360 Security scans the phone and indicates its current state. If it shows the message “Can improve”, click on the button it will show the areas in which they can improve the performance of your mobile Android. Just click on the “Optimize” button to complete the cleaning tasks and then the screen changes to a green color with the “Excellent” message. In addition, each time a new app is installed, it will test it and ensure it is a legitimate app and not a piece of malware or other threats that may affect the device.

360 Security also comes with a couple of tools aimed mostly at improving the device performance and get rid of all the elements that may be preventing good performance. Consequently, in addition to the automatic analysis of your phone or tablet I mentioned earlier, the main tools of this free app focus on three specific areas: Phone Cleaner, Memory Enhancement and Application Manager.


Phone Cleaner – It scans the device to determine the amount of space that can be released by deleting junk files, uninstalling applications leftovers, erasing the history of Google Play, and deleting useless apk files. When the scan finishes just simply press the blue button “Clear” to get rid of all these elements.

Memory Enhancement – It allows you to analyze the device, but in this case to release RAM. Upon completion of the analysis shows the amount of RAM in MB that can be released regarding the use of user applications and system applications. He also simply click on the “Clear” button to perform these tasks cleaning the device.

Application Manager – It allows you to uninstall Android applications and system applications; possibility to make a backup of installed applications, plus it has a manager APK which is responsible for analyzing the device for apk files, then tell us your quantity, the space they occupy and offer the option of installing or delete these files.


On the app, you can also see a floating widget on the screen or floating window where you can set different aspects of the phone as the case of WiFi, Bluetooth, Brightness, GPS, automatic rotation, the ringtones, among others. This item is displayed by default, but can disable it from the application settings, which in turn have other interesting configured as an option that allows us to clean the device just to shake sections, enable a feature to save power when lock the screen and update the virus database.

Download 360 Security App from Here


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